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Code: RAR_001_GS

Large Bird Armoire Glass 2 Door Wardorbe

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Code: FOS0003

Irish Book End

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Code: RMR_004

Rect Carved Classic Mirror French Style

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Code: RMR_005

Rect Carved Antique Mirror French Style

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Code: RST_103

Aeesha Stool Antique Furniture Indonesia

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Code: RCB_003_BS

Corner Cabinet Base Only Furniture Wholesale

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Code: RDT_048_Set

Alexandra Dining Table Set

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Code: RSF_116

Danielle Todd Dressing Room Sofa French

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Code: RBC_009

French Open Bookcase White Paint

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Code: RST_027_A

Antique Louis XV Stool French Provincial Style

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Code: RCR_005

Canned L XV Dining Chair

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Code: TBW0001

Tray Rattan With Frame in Teak Wooden

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Code: RST_019

French Cabriole Footstool With Carving

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Code: RSF_056

Lazy Sofa Antique Design Furniture

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Code: RDS_043

Scrivania Desk Antique Furniture Wholesale

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Code: RBS_199

Fanbo Bedside Antique With Carving Style

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Code: RBC_038

Amy Open Bookcase Classic Style Furniture

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Code: RDS_024

Stella Desk With Hood For Children Desk

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Code: RAC_021

Restauration Armchair Antique Natural Mahogany

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Code: RDT_014

French Oval Dining Table

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Special projects to filling furniture for hotels, apartment and restaurants.

Indonesian furniture manufacturers



Welcome to explore our company. We are an Indonesian Furniture Manufacturers based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia which is world widely known as the centre of furniture industry. We have established for 15 years and have been exporting worldwide. Realizing that the market demand of furniture is vary, our company has divided into three ( 3 ) divisions with its own specialty to have more market segmented and get to the point to whom requires what kind.

This division of CV. RAISA HOUSE INDONESIA (CV. RHI) is specializing in french furniture style. We make French Bed, Bedside, Chest/Nightstand, Sofa, Dining Chair, Arm Chair, Dining Table, Bookcase, Buffet, Mirrors, Console, Armoire, Wardrobe, Commode, Desk Chair, Office Desk, Office Chair, Coffee Table, Occasional Table, TV Cabinet, Hallstand, Vanity, Bedroom Set, Living Room Set, Children Furniture. Those are in the style of french, louis xv, louis xvi, louis philippe, chateau. All is made for export quality at most competitive price.

All of our products are available in any kind of finish. Either in varnish furniture (salak, salak brown, pecan, brown mahogany, red mahogany), painted furniture (white painted, cream painted, black painted) and many more as you may see in our finishing column. The main material of wood we use is mahogany. We do also in Wooden Mindi, Durian, Teak, depend on customer request.

Our product various from french furniture, american english furniture, outdoor furniture, furniture for project, hotel, apartment, restaurant and home luxury. We export worldwide to : USA, UK, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Middle East, Asia : Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hongkong, India, Brunei Darussalam, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia

We welcome for any custom made designs, hotel project or restaurant project with the best material. We are also welcome for a company visit. We pride ourselves as a high quality Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer, and we will bring you to see our factory, our skillful and experienced craftmens.