4 Doors Bookcase With Drawers

Category : Bookcase
Refrence : RBC 013 4D GS
Dimension : 245 x 45 x 248 cm
Material : Wooden Mahogany
Finishing : Custom

"Buy this Bookcase for your luxury home, your hotel project, your apartment project, your office project or your cafe project with wholesale price and 100% exporter. This 4 Doors Bookcase with Drawers has a high quality of Antique Furniture."

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4 Doors Bookcase With Drawers

Order this Bookcase from Raisa House Indonesia : 4 Doors Bookcase with Drawers for your home, apartment, hotel, resto or other with wholesale price.

This Bookcase Furniture is made from good quality material. If you are an agent, reseller & project owners, please register to us to get information and our best service facilities.

Who was Raisa House Furniture ?
- We are a furniture factory with manufacturing system
- We accept with custom design
- We have a lot of skillfull craftsmen who experience
- We provide wholesale price for those who resell our products
- We have a wide market in many parts of the world
- We have the capacity to order 15 container / month

-« RBC 013 4D GS - 4 Doors Bookcase with Drawers »-

4 Doors Bookcase With Drawers from Indonesia furniture manufacturer and exporter based in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia, presents the excellent to buyer of collections from Jepara Furniture Manufacturers.

Raisa House Indoneisa is indoor wooden furniture manufacturer with more than 20 years experiences in producing antique furnitures offering the best quality with competitive prices. Raisa House is totally established to serve your furniture needs.

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